Main Tasks

1. Act as staff to the Science & Technology Advisory Board (STAB), Executive Yuan, and organize STAB annual meetings.

2. Organize meeting for the 'BioTaiwan Committee (BTC), Executive Yuan'.

3. The evaluation and promotion of policies relevant to the management and application of scientific research results and major programs.

4. Interact with the Science and Technology Policy Consulting Expert Office to conduct forward-looking observations on international science and technology development.

5. Planning and promotion of overall national science and technology development, management mechanism, and budget resources.

6. Strategic planning and cross-ministry coordination and promotion of science and technology

- talents, technology and culture, service-oriented smart government, and technology and legal system.

- information security, disaster prevention technology, smart transportation, digital transformation and other related technology policies.

- information, communications, and optoelectronics technology

- digital country, open government, digital economy, digital convergence, digital cultural innovation, smart life, smart governance, smart city, and digital opportunities.

- biotechnology, medicine, health, and agricultural technology and other industries, as well as the evaluation and promotion of relevant major projects.

- smart machinery, electric vehicle industry, construction technology, space industry, semiconductor and display, material process, net-zero including green energy, circular economy, advanced vehicles and smart transportation

- policies relevant to industrial innovation and regulation adjustment.