Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Since there is a wide application of information and communication services; cyber security plays a key role in our national security and even the aspects of the social-economic application with technology innovation policies. Respond to international trends and emerging types of cyber security attacks and threats, we will continue to develop our cyber security protection capabilities and advantages on the existing basis and aspects of defense. Our national cyber security policy has undergone systematic development in the first five stages, and gradually achieved the scheduled milestones to effectively reinforce the readiness of national cyber security. The objectives are as follows: 'the establishment of a safe environment of cyber security; the completion of cyber security protection management; sharing of multiple cybersecurity information; the expansion of the cultivation of cyber security talents; and the reinforcement of international cyber security exchanges.'.

With the vision of 'Build Taiwan as a safe and resilient smart country ', we have proposed the 'National Cyber Security Program of Taiwan (2021-2024)' in 2021(hereinafter the Program). It is coupled with three major objectives including ' Become the cyber security research and training hub in the Asia-Pacific region ', 'Construct a proactively defending infrastructure network ', and ' Establish public-private partnership to create an environmental safety of cybersecurity '. The Program is the reference guide for promoting our cyber security protection strategy and plan.

The Program has four promotional strategies:

1. Attract high-level talents all over the world; cultivate independent power of research and innovation.

2. Promote public-private partnership collaborative governance; Enhancement of the resilience of critical infrastructure.

3. Utilize smart and forward-looking technology; Proactive defense against potential threats.

4. Complete an intelligent and secure society; boost non-governmental protection energy.

With the implementation of the Program, we expect to cultivate outstanding cyber security talents in our country, improve CI protection, use forward-looking technology to proactively prevent threats and block them at the source, and to extend cyber security awareness and capacity to private enterprises through public-private partnership collaboration, so that we can build a safe, resilient and smart country.

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