Precision Health

Precision Health

In 2020, the government launched the Taiwan Precision Health Initiative to establish the country as a global leader in precision health and emerging technology. This initiative will develop cutting-edge biomedical technology for precision health through strategies which leverage Taiwan’s expertise in ICT manufacturing as well as the cross-sector integration of AI, big data and IoT.

Taiwan has been expediting R&D processes, increasing market applications, and exploring global business opportunities by amending relevant legislation and lifting restrictions on cell therapy and oncology drugs. The following are several of Taiwan’s strengths and achievements in precision health:


1. Comprehensive biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry clusters to facilitate business opportunities.

2. Promoting clinical trials for the cultivation of biomedical professionals.

3. Outstanding manufacturing and R&D partners to develop innovative biomedical products and services.


1. International Recognition: Taiwan was ranked second on the Health Care Efficiency Index and third in New- comer Economies Biopharmaceutical Competitiveness in 2022.

2. Groundbreaking Institutions: The Taiwan Clinical Trial Consortium (TCTC) was established to share various disease-related resources and information while advancing the development of smart medicine.

3. Global Partners: Well-known international biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are collaborating to develop cross-regional clinical trials for new biomedial products in Taiwan.

4. Cutting-edge Research: The Taiwan-US Cancer Moonshot Project is the first collaboration between Taiwan and the US to fight cancer using multiomics and precision oncology.

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