Defense Technology

Defense Technology

Taiwan faces unprecedented challenges from the current international political and economic environment and regional security situation, which are also excellent opportunities. Hence, Taiwan must establish new industrial and national defense strategies to expand the promotion of national defense independence, conduct research and development in cutting-edge technologies, and invest in outstanding talents, which will drive overall industry upgrade in Taiwan. Therefore, while faced with the challenges of the new era and basing on the experience and foundation accumulated in the past, the government continues to promote the independence of national defense and the development of dual-use technology, from the national defense industry in the 'Five plus two' innovative industries plan to the national defense and strategic industry in the 'Program for Promoting Six Core Strategic Industries'. It also provides resources in the long-term to stably cultivate talents.

To this end, the National Science Council and the Ministry of National Defense have jointly established 'Research Centers for National Defense Technology' in top universities, using dedicated institutions to invest long-term resources, deepen the cutting-edge defense technologies, research and develop dual-use technology for the future, and attract outstanding talents to enter scientific research and industrial development in national defense. At the same time, 7 major subject areas are deepened, including Intelligent ICT, key system analysis and integration, advanced sensing and precision manufacturing research, cutting-edge power system and flight vehicles, advanced system engineering research, advanced ships and underwater vehicles, advanced materials and mechanical analysis research. which will contribute to research and development of advanced technologies and integration of key technologies.

The government will continue to promote the academic research centers to become a think tank in the field of defense technology, and collaborate with national defense departments to jointly take stock of domestic scientific research capacity. Then, the government will draft blueprint paths for technology development, draw up future research directions for national defense technology, and promote the progression of national defense technology. The government plans to allocate technology budgets and defense budgets to jointly invest in research centers in the seven major areas. By involving academia in various defense research projects, the aim is to cultivate defense research talents. Through cross-ministry resources, the government encourages inter-university and interdisciplinary collaborations to jointly develop a defense research blueprint and deepen defense technology through the research capabilities of the academic sector.

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