Humanities and Social Issues

Humanities and Social Issues

In order to realize Taiwan’s 2035 vision of 'Foresight and Innovation; Democracy and Inclusiveness; Resilience and Sustainability', the government must respond to the needs of people's lives and society, and combine the power of science and technology to drive the overall transformation of the country from the perspectives of humanities and society.

The National Science and Technology Council will establish a national-level think tank, combined with experts in the humanities and social science. In addition to planning science and technology budgets, expanding and deepening cross-field research on technology, democracy, and society; it will also conduct cross-disciplinary, systematic, forward-looking researches on the impact of global and Taiwan politics, social changes, and technology applications. The scope includes: the ethical impact of, and the formulation of laws and regulations on major technology applications; the perfection of the industrial development ecosystem; the assessment of socio-economic and political impacts; the strengthening of the organizational infrastructure of a resilient society; the consolidation and deepening of democratic systems; the promotion of Taiwan geopolitical strategic status; and the construction of social security system. The think tank will also put forward policy planning suggestions.

Furthermore, the National Science and Technology Council will establish the ' Platform for the Development of Sustainable Technology in Taiwan Indigenous Societies ' to promote cross-border dialogue between ethnic groups, government agencies, the academia, and civil groups to focus on key issues and to collect basic administrative information from relevant agencies such as the Council of Indigenous Peoples. The goal is to provide solutions to social development issues of indigenous peoples.

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