Semiconductors and Quantum Technology

Semiconductors and Quantum Technology

The global semiconductor technology is advancing rapidly, with an increasing number of diversified emerging applications. The National Science and Technology Council, coordinating cross-agency cooperating and division of labor, has initiated the research and development programs for compound semiconductors and Angstrom semiconductors in 2022.

In response to the increasing demand for semiconductors in emerging industries, such as electric vehicles and telecommunications, we build upon the existing advantages of silicon-based semiconductor industry and develop core technologies of next-generation compound semiconductor, including manufacturing processes, equipment and materials. We also promote the cross-disciplinary applications of compound semiconductors.

Angstrom Semiconductor has initiated early-stage research and development to establish a foundation for next-generation semiconductors, including advanced components, materials, advanced manufacturing processes, and testing techniques. The National Science and Technology Council has guided semiconductor research teams to engage in relevant fields and established independent technologies in the upstream, midstream, and downstream of Angstrom semiconductors.

The semiconductor industry has become an important pillar and driving force for Taiwan's industrial economy. In order to make Taiwan a reliable partner in the global semiconductor supply chain, the government is committed to ensuring the acquisition of strategic resources and key technologies to eliminate supply chain concerns. To this end, the National Science and Technology Council launched the 2025 large-scale semiconductor research program to lay out the development of advanced semiconductor technologies and the cultivation of high-level R&D talents. It also promoted the 'The Advanced Chip Engineering Design and Fabrication (ACED Fab)' to encourage academic research cooperation in the semiconductor field between Taiwan and the United States. The National Science and Technology Council plans to construct an innovation ecosystem centered around advanced semiconductor research through cross-agency collaboration and strengthened public-private partnerships. The National Science and Technology Council will establish a long-term talent cultivation and research development framework for semiconductors, and expand investments in semiconductor research. In the future, it will also assist in nurturing international IC design talent and establish a global semiconductor ecosystem friendly to Taiwan.

Quantum Technology

In response to future global quantum technology revolution, the National Science and Technology Council has integrated industry, government, academia, and research institutes to establish a national quantum team since 2021. This initiative aims to engage top university teams in research and development, promote international collaborations, and connect with domestic industries. At present, the cross-ministry platform has been used to integrate academia, research institutes and industries to develop key quantum components based on semiconductor technology. In order to plan for this long-term high-value scientific research, our country's cutting-edge quantum research and development will focus on projects such as 'Quantum Components', 'Quantum Computers', “Quantum Algorithm', and 'Quantum Communication', with the goal to 'construct Taiwan's domestically-produced quantum computers capable of real computation and domestically-produced quantum communication networks with cybersecurity ensured'. We focus on developing independent quantum technology capabilities and nurturing Taiwan's future quantum technology industry.

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